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Shop Montana Ace for all of your bird watching and feeding needs; we have the right feeders and houses to help you attract the birds that you enjoy.


 And,  stock up on plenty of bird seed and food to keep the birds coming back to your yard again and again.  Especially during those cold Montana winters, when our backyard birds need the most help.

Backyard Birding

  • One of the best ways to invite birds in to your backyard is to feed them! Plant native plants that provide nectar and seeds for your local bird population.


  • Place feeders around your yard with delicious, nutrient, protein packed power seeds like sunflower, safflower, millet, and thistle to attract a wide variety of birds.


  • Suet, peanut feeders and nectar attract different birds that don't eat seed.

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Hardware Basics | Thousands of Choices

In addition to our top of the line brands like Stihl, Le Creuset, Weber, and Big Green Egg,

our well stocked departments carry all of the hardware basics.

  • pipe fittings to door hinges
  • plumbers tape to duck tape
  • wood shims to cookie sheets
  • mouse traps to fertilizer
  • tarps to tape
  • soil to smokers
  • concrete block to water heaters
  • spray paint to canning jars


Our well stocked departments carry all of the hardware basics.

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